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Who is this guy?

That’s me right there, if you wanted to put a face to the name.

I grew up in rural Aotearoa New Zealand and recently returned after a few years in London. While there, I got most of my writing done on the train to and from my day job, and sometimes at home when not distracted by my partner, flatmates, or the neighbours’ cats (zero respect for boundaries). And these days I squeeze the writing in whenever I can.

My first foray into literature recounted the delights and repercussions of eating too much fruit in only twenty syllables. It was… charmingly disgusting. My more recent work is a little longer, and marginally more sophisticated. I’m the author of countless pieces of fiction at varying stages of incompleteness and have finally decided to get my act together and release something.

But why do I write?

Because I love a good story! Whether it’s told through a novel, film, TV, theatre, or at the pub – I’m not fussy how I get them. Books though, they’re something special. And my tastes in literature tend towards the fantastical, mythical, humorous, romantic, larcenous, whimsical, extraordinary, and the exploration of ‘what if’ – all quite apparent in the list of my favourite books.

Of course my own work is influenced by these amazing stories, but I find it’s more often the things I see around me that sneak into my writing. One of my top past-times is people watching – have you seen them? The things people say and do – sometimes incredible, often entertaining, but always superb material. I like to shoehorn things I’ve witnessed or endured into my own stories, along with plenty of humour, buckets of banter, a dash of tragedy, as well as food, booze, and gays – some of my favourite things.

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