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The Rise and Shine series (Duck and Dive, Slip and Slide, Over and Out) by G B Ralph. Book cover images banner.
Murder on Milverton Square (The Milverton Mysteries Book 1) by G B Ralph. Book cover image.

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Exclusive short stories from G B Ralph. Cover images. My New Routine, The Office Affair, Squat Lifts and Smashed Avocado, Big Decisions and Empty Stomachs, Alarming Art and Tepid Wine, Cold Cuts and Christmas Cocktails.

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We’re here for a good time, aren’t we?

My stories are stacked with humour and heart, like you’re catching up with friends – the most bonkers yet lovable kind. Scarcely believable and more chaotic than they have any right to be, but always great fun.

If you’re looking for high-stakes thrillers or high-brow literature, you’ve come to the wrong place… I mean, I love a bit of drama and a choice turn of phrase, but around here we’re after something a bit more cosy and relaxed.

So, if you prefer stories that don’t take themselves too seriously…

Quick, light, and fun reads

The Rise and Shine series

Arthur is a highly strung closet case who may have just run into a reason to come out, and Gabriel has escaped the confines of his hometown only to find himself drawn right back into someone else’s orbit.

With our boys surrounded by a cast of chaotic characters and thrown into the most unlikely situations, this gay romcom novella series is loaded with banter, dashes of comic tragedy, and more food and booze than any story ought to have. Preview the first chapters for free, or grab your copies now.

Bite-sized tales

I have a selection of my short stories and flash fiction available, all free to read. Designed to enjoy while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or for the bus to arrive, check them out here.

Short fiction by G B Ralph. Cover images. Chicken Nuggets, Tea and Biscuits, The Office Affair, My New Routine, Picking up the Groceries, Are You Still Watching?, Flash Fiction Collection 2020, Flash Fiction Collection 2021, Squat Lifts and Smashed Avocado, Big Decisions and Empty Stomach, Alarming Art and Tepid Wine, Cold Cuts and Christmas Cocktails.

Latest release

Cold Cuts and Christmas Cocktails (A Rise and Shine Story) by G B Ralph.

Cover image and description.

A gay romcom short story.

Will the welcome be as frosty as the weather, or will Gabriel’s new in-laws greet him with open arms? He’s barely had the chance to consider his odds as he’s too focused on braving his boyfriend’s driving.

Arthur’s behind the wheel, and he’s rather distracted. He can’t decide whether he’s more nervous about his boyfriend meeting his parents, or his parents meeting his boyfriend. With so much riding on this dinner, and so many ways it could end in disaster…

Will Arthur and Gabriel survive Christmas in suburbia?

This short story is the final instalment in the Rise and Shine series, set at Christmas after the events of Over and Out. Find out if the boys will have a wonderful evening surrounded by family, or a trying time behind enemy lines – it really could go either way.

Free read. 30 to 40 minutes.

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