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G B Ralph, Author. Header image.
Poison at Penshaw Hall (The Milverton Mysteries Book 2) by G B Ralph. Book cover image.

Poison at Penshaw Hall

Addison Harper is back, and with another dead body at his feet. Only this time, the entire town saw it happen.

Milverton has been shortlisted for the Terrific Town Award, so a dramatic death at the unveiling ceremony is far from ideal. Addison had only been lending a hand, but now finds himself much more involved than he’d ever hoped. To think his biggest worry before had been his upcoming date with Sergeant Jake Murphy.

As for the Sergeant, he can hardly ignore a hall full of witnesses even if he wanted to. And they’re all pointing the finger at his date, Milverton’s newest arrival, Addison Harper.

Poison at Penshaw Hall is the latest in a wonderful new cosy mystery series set in an enchanting small town nestled amongst stunning New Zealand scenery. The Milverton Mysteries features a chaotic cast of local busybodies, delicious baked treats, a demanding and disdainful ginger cat, a very slow-burn romance with a rather appealing policeman, and of course, murder…

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What you’ll find inside…

Tasty treats
Amateur sleuth
Sly sidekick
Appealing policeman
Cosy small town
Slow-burn romance
Shocking gossip
Cheeky cat
Quirky locals

Questionable coffee
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