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G B Ralph, Author


Big Decisions and Empty Stomachs. A Rise and Shine story by G B Ralph.

A gay romcom short story.

Working with Dad then lunching with Mum, all while a letter burns a hole in his pocket…

Gabriel’s at work, an after-school job he never dreamed he’d still be doing a decade later. And he’s still single too, something not likely to change while living in his small hometown. Despite all that, he’s comfortable and content – at least he thinks he is. Then he receives a letter that changes everything. It might just kickstart a career and a life he’s always dreamed of, or stop it dead in its tracks.

Will he get the choice? And if he does, will he go for it?

Surrounded by family, this short story is a snapshot checking in with Gabriel a few months before the start of Slip and Slide, and is another great entry point for the Rise and Shine series.

Free read. Read time: 20–30 minutes.
Rise and Shine – Book One – Duck and Dive cover image
Rise and Shine – Book Two – Slip and Slide cover image
Rise and Shine – Book Three – Slip and Slide cover image
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