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Duck and Dive
Rise and Shine – Book One
Published: May 2020

Duck and Dive

A gay romantic comedy novella about coming out and failing spectacularly.

Arthur knows it’s time he told his mates he’s gay. So what’s the holdup? He’s wound so tight he can’t get the words out – giving himself injuries, spilling his dinner, and all-round making a mess of it.

And that’s before the nosy neighbour gets involved with her spiced apple muffins. Or the elderly residents of the Sunset Villas retirement home start complicating matters. Not to mention the gorgeous straight guy from the driving range.

If only Arthur could get his act together…

I didn’t know what to expect, but I genuinely enjoyed it. I’m glad I did, otherwise that would’ve been a very awkward conversation.’ Author’s partner.

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What you’ll find inside…

Coming out
Nosy neighbours
Funny old people
Pleasant surprises
Sculpted arms
Shameless innuendo

What people are saying…

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