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Slip and Slide
Rise and Shine – Book Two
Published: September 2020

Slip and Slide

A gay romantic comedy novella about wading through the noise to discover what you really want.

Caught in the crossfire of his chaotic flatmates’ one-sided romance, and a landlady on a rampage, Gabriel is just trying to get to work on time and avoid burning dinner.

Throw in a plumbing emergency, overstaying cats, a public and painful proclamation of love, and a trip to the hospital – even the laid-back Gabriel is frazzling.

Then there’s Arthur. Sweet, adorable, and eager to please – all qualities that had so charmed Gabriel. Though, that’s also how you might describe a puppy. And puppies are a lot of work.

Gabriel has his man – now he must decide if Arthur is worth it…

Slip and Slide is the sequel to Duck and Dive, but this time Gabriel’s calling the shots.

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What you’ll find inside…

Charismatic cats
Brazen flirtation
Messy flatmates
Home-cooked meals
Petty bosses

Bad coffee

What people are saying…

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