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G B Ralph, Author. Header image.

Paperbacks are here

Some sharp-eyed readers have already spotted that paperbacks are now available, and they’ve received their copies before I even got mine!

Murder on Milverton Square (A Milverton Mystery) by G B Ralph. Photos received from readers of their paperback copies.

And what’s that? Christmas is only a month away? How convenient that these paperbacks are now available… Feel free to buy as many copies as you like! You can distribute them as gifts to all of your favourite people. Secret Santa gifts, stocking fillers, Jolabokaflod gifts, the list goes on. And don’t forget to grab yourself a copy for some holiday reading.

For those in the northern hemisphere, might I suggest cosying up next to the fire with your copy. Just make sure you don’t get too close as these are made of real paper.

And for those in the southern hemisphere: chuck your copy in your bag along with your towel, sunscreen and chilled beverage, ready for some beach reading.

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