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The Office Affair

The Office Affair short story cover image

This short story is a scandalous bite-sized tale which can be devoured in only a few minutes.

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For this story, the approximate word count is 1000 words, with a reading time of 3-5 minutes.

The Office Affair

G B Ralph, September 2020

It started off casual – just once every now and then – but had soon ramped up to become a regular thing.

We’d been seeing each other for a few months now, almost every day. Didn’t matter how busy we were, we made the time. After all, those spreadsheets weren’t going anywhere.

We’d sneak away from our desks, just for a bit. The smokers had their breaks – why couldn’t we? That’s how we justified it to ourselves anyway.

It had gotten to the point where if we didn’t get one in by late morning, I’d be out of sorts until I gave in and sorted myself out.

But it was never as good by myself – how could it be?

It felt naughty during work hours, of course. But that only added to the thrill, the mischievous pleasure of it.

I could get so pent up, and I knew he did too. There were only so many collaborative workshops and client conference calls you could endure before you felt like screaming at the executive assistants for no good reason.

That feeling though, of letting it all out – of release – with someone else. We relished our stolen time together.

Sometimes he would take charge, other times I would. We preferred it that way, taking turns. Sometimes you give, sometimes you take.

And he certainly gave as good as he got.

It was hot, and we had fun. Sometimes a third would join too, maybe even a fourth on occasion. But that could get crowded, and it always came back to the two of us.

Some days it was swift and steamy. This was on mornings when we suspected extended absences might be noticed, or if we had meetings to get to. We didn’t muck around, in and out in under ten minutes.

But on other days – when we had a nice, big gap in our schedules – we’d take it slow. Enjoy each other’s company. Bask in the comfort and the warmth. In our hands, in our mouths.

I’d test it with the tip of my tongue, take in just a little, then more and more.

Swallow it down.

Thick and hot and creamy.

No matter whether we went quick or slow, I would always leave feeling satisfied and refreshed. Ready to take on the rest of my day.

Now, it approached that time of the morning when I could feel myself losing focus, with that urge welling up in me again.

I rose from my chair, peering over the partition towards his usual spot, hoping to catch his eye, just like always.

And that’s when I saw him – with someone else – heading back to his desk, already glowing with contentment – a look I recognised well.

Had he… without me?

I’d only been gone a week, based out of a client’s office.

One measly week.

OK, I could accept him straying while I was away. It’s not like we were exclusive. And I wasn’t here in the office, after all.

But I was back now. And he knew I’d be in today, as usual. Had he not seen me this morning? It was always us when we were both in – by unspoken agreement.

Was he doing this on purpose? Parading around, fully aware that I was back in the office, and knowing I’d witness his treachery. Was this his way of calling it off?

The coward.

I couldn’t make a scene, though, could I? He was going to get away with this.

The bastard.

But, why? Why would he go to someone else? Why not me?

Was he bored with me? Had I become complacent, and not noticed him looking elsewhere?

Was today a once-off, or had he found a new regular?

Did he intend to alternate between us, go day about? No, I couldn’t see that flying.

Was I not enough for him, or had our time just run its course?

With these doubts swirling around my mind, I couldn’t help punishing myself by considering the specifics… How did he like it with this new hussy? How did they have it? Same as always? Same time, same place? It wasn’t logical, but that almost felt like the greater betrayal, the real twist of the knife. That they would have something that he’d always shared with me.

Was it just because this new fling was something different? Fresh and exciting?

Was this floozy willing to try something new, something I’d never tried before?

Had we become too comfortable, too familiar in each other’s company? Same old, same old. Boring.

I didn’t know what to think… Should I confront him? Maybe I should make a scene. How good would that feel – he wouldn’t expect it, that’s for sure.

Or, should I play it cool? Let it go on for a week or so, let him realise just how good he had it with me. He’d soon grow tired of this harlot. They couldn’t capture his interest like I could.

Yes… that was the way to go, much more my style. I could look after myself for a week. By then, he’d have seen the error of his ways and come crawling back.

It wouldn’t be long now, I just had to be patient.

We’d be back to our regular morning coffee breaks soon enough. Just us, enjoying our hot cups of coffee with a side of saucy office gossip – just like always.

Today though, I’d be heading out alone. My usual date might not be available, but I was still gagging for caffeine.

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