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2020 has been a year…

If I sold a book for every time I heard the word ‘unprecedented’ in 2020, well, that’d be me done!

Being real though, it’s been a hard year for so many and the impacts have been felt at all levels, from personal to global. I’ve already briefly discussed some things that helped me through the lockdowns in my previous post where I also promoted my books’ Kindle Countdown Deal and wished everyone happy holidays.

Today I wanted to indulge myself – please forgive me – by celebrating the things that I’ve created, things that didn’t exist at the start of this dumpster fire of a year 🥳

I committed to writing at least 200 words every day as part of the BXP 2020 Challenge, led by the two Marks of the Bestseller Experiment podcast. This was a nice, bite-sized writing goal which I could achieve outside my day job.

I kicked off the year writing a couple of stories based on little ideas I’d squirrelled away on my phone’s note app. These ended up as Chicken Nuggets and Tea and Biscuits, each only a few pages long. Then I came across another little idea, just like the others, but this one grew into a 22,000 word novella.

Then, in the spirit of trying new things I decided to tidy it up, publish it independently and then came the biggest step: telling people about it. This was Duck and Dive, and I was so pleased with the positive reception and baffled that people wanted to know what happened next – it was intended as a standalone after all – that I thought I’d go for another round. This resulted in the continuation of the story – retrospectively dubbed the Rise and Shine series – which was published as Slip and Slide.

Between writing the first draft and starting the edit of Slip and Slide, I tidied up another short story – The Office Affair – which is currently exclusively available to mailing list subscribers.

Following the publication of this second novella in the Rise and Shine series, I got stuck into the third, Over and Out. I finished the first draft at the start of December, and now I’m letting it marinate before I attack it with the red pen in the new year. So, that’ll be at the top of the 2021 agenda, but we’ll have to see what else is in store for us.

And, as if I haven’t mentioned it before, my mailing list is still the best place to keep up to date, FYI 😉

I hope you’ve had some wins this year, and let’s hope for a few more on our next lap around the sun 😊

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