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Refilling the creative well: 6 fantastic TV series

For a brief intro about why I’m doing this, see my recent post:
Refilling the creative well: 9 recent reads

6 fantastic TV series, grouped into fantasies and crime comedies.

There is so much great TV at the moment! Here are the shows I enjoyed the most since my last update:

Crime comedies / fun thrillers

  • Dead To Me (s1–3, Netflix). This show is all about secrets and cliffhangers, I binged all three seasons in no time at all!
  • Wedding Season (s1, Disney+). This twisty tale is a fantastic mashup of action adventure, mystery thriller, and romcom.
  • The White Lotus (s2, Neon NZ). This show is an absolute treat. A fabulously awful week away, following the guests and employees of a swanky Sicilian resort.
  • Only Murders in the Building (s2, Disney+). I just love watching this sleuthing trio trying to solve yet another murder in their building.


  • Wednesday (s1, Netflix). Such a fun gothic tale, following Wednesday Addams as a student, attempting to uncover the mystery of a local killing spree.
  • The Sandman (s1, Netflix). After reading the comics, I was so ready for this show, and with such high expectations. I really enjoyed this adaptation and can’t wait for the next season!

Keen for more stories?

Already powered through all those TV shows above, and enjoyed some of my favourite recent reads too?

Well, I’ve got you!

Check out my cosy mystery series – The Milverton Mysteries (the first book, Murder on Milverton Square, is out now!) – or my completed series of light, fun, and very gay romcom novellas – the Rise and Shine series (get started with Duck and Dive!).

Books by G B Ralph. The Rise and Shine series: Duck and Dive, Slip and Slide, Over and Out. The Milverton Mysteries: Murder on Milverton Square.

I’ve also got a big bunch of short stories available on my website and through my mailing list, all for free.

Short stories by G B Ralph.
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