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Free gay romcom short story: Big Decisions and Empty Stomachs

A brand new short story, and I’m giving it away for free! At just 7,000 words, this little gay romcom will keep you amused for a good 20–30 minutes. And if you like what you’re reading, there’s a whole bunch more to the story ready and waiting for you!

Surrounded by family, this short story is a snapshot checking in with Gabriel a few months before the start of Slip and Slide, and is another great entry point for the Rise and Shine series.

Big Decisions and Empty Stomachs cover image. A Rise and Shine story by G B Ralph.

Working with Dad then lunching with Mum, all while a letter burns a hole in his pocket…

Gabriel’s at work, an after-school job he never dreamed he’d still be doing a decade later. And he’s still single too, something not likely to change while living in his small hometown. Despite all that, he’s comfortable and content – at least he thinks he is. Then he receives a letter that changes everything. It might just kickstart a career and a life he’s always dreamed of, or stop it dead in its tracks.

Will he get the choice? And if he does, will he go for it?

Note: StoryOrigin look after these files for me, so you’ll be directed to their website.
There are download instructions on the page to help if you’re having trouble.

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