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Going wide – Arthur and Gabriel’s future (Part 3)

In Part 1 of this mini-series I discussed bringing Arthur and Gabriel into the real world (as paperbacks) and in Part 2 I talked about sandwiching them together (as an ebook box set). If you want to be kept up to date on all this, jump on my mailing list. But for today…

When independent authors talk about ‘going wide’ they mean not being exclusive to Amazon (Kindle) when selling their ebooks. Some of the other big retailers/platforms include Kobo, Barnes and Noble (Nook), Apple Books (formerly iBooks), and Google Play Books (formerly Google eBooks).

Ebook retailer logos (Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Nook by Barnes and Noble)

My books in the Rise and Shine series are currently exclusive to Amazon. I made this decision at the beginning because there was enough to learn getting my books onto even a single platform. And as Amazon are the dominant players in the ebook space (I’ve seen estimates ranging from 67–83% of the market), I prioritised making my books available there. Amazon encourage exclusivity by offering a 70% royalty share to authors, and allow their book to feature in Kindle Unlimited (a book subscription service similar to the Netflix model where authors are paid per page read).

By ‘going wide’ you’re sacrificing the higher royalty rate on Amazon (non-exclusive authors get 35% compared to 70% for exclusive authors) as well as the books’ inclusion in Kindle Unlimited, but you’re gaining exposure on all other platforms that you make your books available. It’s a trade-off and I’m considering experimenting with the other platforms to grow my audience.

Now, I’m keen to get a gauge on how you consume your books, and what online retailers (if any) you use to pick up ebooks. So, please let me know! I’ve already asked the wonderful people on my mailing list, and if you want to get involved in future developments too, join my mailing list (you’ll nab a couple of exclusive short stories too).

Rise and Shine book covers (Duck and Dive, Slip and Slide, Over and Out)
These boys are staying exclusive… but for how long?

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