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Slip and Slide gets another great review!

Slip and Slide cover displayed on phone in front of hedge. Photo credit: Sneha Jaiswal (ABSTRACT AF)
Photo credit: Sneha Jaiswal (Abstract AF)

The second book in my Rise and Shine series has scored a stunning review from Sneha Jaiswal of Abstract AF. Jaiswal variously describes Slip and Slide as being relatable, engaging, and breezy – which I think is fantastic.

One comment in particular stood out for me, and that was her observation of my colloquial storytelling style being ‘like you are in a room having a conversation with a bunch of your own friends.’ I love that.

She also focuses on the foodie aspects of the story, bringing in a great dessert analogy of her own to describe how sometimes it’s fun to treat yourself along the way.

Slip and Slide is available now on Amazon (UKUSAUCA, IN, etc), or if you’re not yet convinced check out the first chapter for free.

Jaiswal’s review is posted in full on Abstract AF – a space for movies, books, poems, art, love, and travel. And on a side note, I can’t wait to get stuck into her latest novel, Bad Town Kids, which is out now on Amazon (US, IN, UK, CA, AU, etc). It’s described as a coming of age tale set in the 20th century, where social media didn’t complicate lives, but growing up was still as hard. Check it out if that sounds like a bit of you!

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