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The Ghost of Ivy Barn by Mark Stay

August, 1940. The ghost, the witch and the traitor

As the Battle of Britain rages overhead, a warlock leader from the Council of High Witches comes to Woodville with a ritual to repel the imminent Nazi invasion. The only catch is it involves full-frontal nudity on the White Cliffs of Dover. The Witches of Woodville are having none of it, but when more witches arrive they realise they might have a spy in their midst, and it’s up to Faye Bright to uncover the traitor. But she’s got enough on her plate already with the ghost of a Polish Hurricane pilot who may hold the key to the truth.

For fans of Lev Grossman and Terry Pratchett comes the third novel in this delightful series of war, mystery and a little bit of magic

The Ghost of Ivy Barn by Mark Stay. Book cover and review from G B Ralph.

The Ghost of Ivy Barn review text:

Is this another Witches of Woodville adventure I see before me? Indeed it is!

And what the blimmin’ heck is that? A cosy fantasy convergence! Magic, history, war, witches…

Is this the best chance you have at a top notch read? I rather think it is.

From the desk of Bellamy Dumonde, warlock of some renown
(p.p. G B Ralph)

Grab your copy from the bookshop on the Woodville Village Parish Council’s website:

What about the earlier books?

Just like The Ghost of Ivy Barn, I adored the first two Witches of Woodville books! I previously blogged about the online book launch event I attended for The Crow Folk and my review for Babes in the Wood. Go and check out those links for more info, and I hope you’ll give these books a go if you haven’t already!

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