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Babes in the Wood by Mark Stay

July, 1940. In a quiet village in rural Kent, a magical mystery leads to murder…

Woodville has returned to ‘normal’ after the departure of the Crow Folk. The villagers put out fires from aircraft shot down in the Battle of Britain, and Faye Bright discovers that magic can be just as dangerous as any weapon.

The arrival of a trio of Jewish children fleeing the Nazis brings the fight for Europe to the village. When their guardian is found dead, Faye must play nanny to the terrified children while gathering clues to uncover a dark magic that threatens to change the course of the war. And she must do it quickly – the children have seen too much and someone wants them silenced for good.

Babes in the Wood cover image and review text.

Babes in the Wood review text:

‘Gubba dee, Guvnor?’

Such a charming, heart-warming, adventurous, and fun read.

Set in the small Kent village of Woodville during WWII, this wonderful story is populated with sneaky spies, delightful village folk, Nazis, Kindertransport kids, formidable witches, a pair of savvy antiquarians, and of course our heroine, Faye Bright.

I adored Babes in the Wood.

Grab your copy from the bookshop on the Woodville Village Parish Council’s website:

What about the first book?

Just like Babes in the Wood, I adored the first Witches of Woodville book, The Crow Folk. I previously blogged about the book, including the online book launch event I attended – check it out here!

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