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Stylish mystery and thriller TV

Killing Eve and Lupin… I mentioned these shows on my mailing list – the platform I always prioritise! – a while back, but my brain was still foggy after a bout of C*vid so I forgot to post here too. I recently posted about some crack-up Kiwi comedy on TV, and today I’ve got two more TV shows that are also great fun, but less romantic and funny, and more stylish, mysterious and thrilling! They’re available to stream now.

Killing Eve (TV series)

Killing Eve banner poster

What: I watched the fourth and final season of this spy thriller following a British intelligence investigator tracking down a psychopathic and glamorous assassin. I love the shifting alliances, the slowly unfolding mysteries, and of course Villanelle’s fantastic outfits!

Where: I streamed this via TVNZ+ in NZ, and as far as I can see it’s currently available on Stan (Seasons 1–3) and ABC iview (Season 4) in Australia, BBC iPlayer and Sky Go in the UK, fuboTV and Hulu in the US, and Crave in Canada.

Lupin (TV series)

Lupin banner poster

What: This French mystery thriller follows a modern-day thief inspired by the adventures of the fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise Arsène Lupin. A fantastic game of cat and mouse!

Where: I streamed this via Netflix in NZ, and as it’s a Netflix show, I assume they’re streaming it worldwide.

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