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Duck and Dive – free for 5 days only

That’s right! If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy, get in there. You already have? You’re the best, thank you so much! And if you want to be even better than the best? Recommending it to even just one friend would make my day. You get a book, you get a book, everyone gets a book!

Grab Duck and Dive for free on Amazon:
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Select your local Amazon website, then read on your Kindle device or the free Kindle phone app.
Any questions, head to the FAQ page.

But… why would I go giving away my book like this?

Excellent question! It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. And I think that comes through in the story as readers have said they thought it was fun too. So I would love for more people to give it a go.

But WHY?! I hear you, and if you were looking for the catch, here it is… If readers grab the free book it climbs the charts, making it visible to more readers even after the free period ends. And, my hope is that if you enjoy book 1, you might tell someone about it, leave a review, or even be inspired to jump into books 2 and 3. Of course, Duck and Dive can be read as a standalone and there’s zero obligation to go any further. But really, if I’ve done my job, you’ll be at least a little curious to see what comes next!

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