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My book on the Bestseller Experiment podcast đźŽ§

That’s right! My gay romcom novella Over and Out scored a brief mention on this week’s episode of the Bestseller Experiment podcast.

Following a fantastic interview with thriller author Linwood Barclay, the hosts Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux discuss some recent wins from their regular listeners.

You can listen to the full interview yourself by heading to Episode 306 on the Bestseller Experiment website and clicking play. If you want to jump straight to Over and Out’s mention, it’s just after the one hour mark. I’ve included the transcript of the short segment below.

Though, I do recommend a full listen. Same goes for every other episode of the Bestseller Experiment podcast, particularly Episode 22, way back when Ben Aaronovitch (author of the Rivers of London books) gave the two Marks a right bollocking. It’s great stuff.

The Bestseller Experiment podcast, Episode 306: Linwood Barclay is the international bestselling author of over twenty novels, and his latest thriller Find You First is a fast-paced, high-concept, page-turner. In this jam-packed chat we discuss head-hopping, point-of-view, flashbacks, fan fiction, deadlines, writer’s block, self-doubt and more!

The Bestseller Experiment podcast, Episode 306, transcript from 01:00:00–01:01:10:

Mark Desvaux: I think we should jump into a bit of social media before we finish up, Mark. What do you think?
Mark Stay: Yeah, yeah. We’ve got our own success stories. And who knows, future Netflix TV series? So these are our Patreons and supporters who are getting books out there. If you follow us on social media you will find that every now and then we’ll put up a new book that goes into the Bestseller Experiment Alumni Library, which is huge, which is bulging onto two shelves on my bookshelves now. So, first one of these, G B Ralph has a new book out: Over and Out, which is a gay romantic comedy novella. And Gavin, for it is his name, Gavin Ralph, he says, ‘This book is yet another product of the 200 Word a Day Challenge, the brainchild of the Bestseller Experiment podcast. Can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring.’ Gavin, we are over the moon that we, you know, that the 200 Word a Day had something to do with Over and Out getting out there. And this is Book 3 in the series of Arthur and Gabriel’s adventures. So Gavin, best of luck with that and just fantastic news.
Mark Desvaux: Brilliant stuff.

Again, check out the interview on Episode 306 of the Bestseller Episode podcast and, if you haven’t already, see what Over and Out is all about!

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