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Over and Out: book cover design options

With the first draft of the third book in my Rise and Shine series marinating in a drawer, I’m sorting out the book cover design.

I’ve put together four celebration-themed cover design options for Over and Out, and I’m keen for your thoughts! Which (if any) of the book covers looks like a fun read? Makes you want to click and find out more?

Four celebration-themed cover design options for Over and Out

The options:

  1. Single bunting
  2. Lots of bunting
  3. Party people
  4. Liquor shelf (Note: draft watermark will disappear if I select and purchase this option)
  5. None of the above, they’re no good!

What do you think? Comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged 😊 Respond to my posts on Facebook or Twitter, or drop me an email on the Contact page.

And if you want to compare this with the first two books in the Rise and Shine series – Duck and Dive, and Slip and Slide – head over and check them out.

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