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The Fowl Twins

Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl novels were a fixture during my childhood and teen years. I revisited the stories again in my twenties, introducing my partner to the adventures of Artemis, Butler, Holly, Foaly, Mulch and the rest of the crew. It was such a joy on long drives to listen to the audiobooks.

And now, we have a film! I’ve been closely following the development, and we only have another couple of days to wait until it’s released on Disney+.

I was delighted all over again when I discovered the first in a spin-off series – featuring Artemis’ younger twin brothers, Myles and Beckett – was already out. I came across The Fowl Twins while buying tickets to an interview and book signing with Eoin Colfer. I saw Eoin at Waterstones in Kensington, London, when he was promoting his first adult fantasy novel, Highfire – an absolute riot (see my earlier blog post).

Where Myles – serious, fastidious, confident, condescending – follows in his older brother’s criminal genius footsteps, Beckett does the complete opposite. He has toys, squawks at birds, and just wants to have fun.

The Fowl Twins includes a cast of bonkers villains and hilarious situations – so much fun – as the boys encounter the magical world of their big brother’s stories. They learn more about each other and themselves than they ever could have expected.

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