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Eoin Colfer’s Highfire chronicles the hilarious and action-packed adventures of a well-intentioned but wild tearaway, a crooked constable, and a snarky, fire-breathing dragon.

Vern may be the last dragon on Earth, but he hadn’t survived this long by causing a scene or getting caught up in human affairs. He had been quite content hiding out in the Louisiana swamp, watching his programmes and drinking his vodka. But when Squib Moreau crashes into his life and they eventually come to an arrangement, Vern soon realises that maybe he isn’t so content after all.

Highfire is packed with the boyish humour familiar from Artemis Fowl, but definitely pitched at grownups. I attended an interview and book signing with Eoin Colfer at Waterstones in Kensington, London. Amongst many other insights and anecdotes, Eoin mentioned all the swearing and adult jokes he’d had to hold back from Artemis Fowl, and how he took great pleasure letting them loose in Highfire.

I started reading while waiting in line to get my copy signed by Eoin and found myself chuckling aloud from page one. I read on the tube all the way home, then found myself picking it up at every opportunity until I’d finished. It was just pure fun.

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