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G B Ralph, Author. Header image.

Milverton on a beach in Rarotonga

Murder on Milverton Square by G B Ralph. Paperback book on a white sandy beach with palm trees in the background.

In today’s episode of Milverton in the Wild we find ourselves on a beautiful white sandy beach in Rarotonga!

Thanks to Donna for sending this one in! I’d love to see your copy of Murder on Milverton Square, whether that’s in the living room, the back garden, or out at a cafe. Tag me on one of the socials or drop me a message. You don’t have to be on holiday, and the location certainly doesn’t have to be as sunny or exotic as the Cook Islands!

Of course, if you don’t have a copy of your own and you’re keen to pick one up, or just want to find out more, check it out here: Murder on Milverton Square.

Murder on Milverton Square by G B Ralph. Book cover image and blurb.

Addison Harper is abruptly summoned to Milverton at the behest of an abrasive lawyer. He plans to be in and out, back to the city lickety-split. Instead, he finds himself charmed by the small town with its delightful and eccentric residents, not to mention the rather easy-on-the-eye Sergeant Jake Murphy.

Despite the rocky start, Addison admits he’s had a pleasant day out. That is, until returning to find the prickly old lawyer on the floor, and very much dead. Worse, it looks like murder, and Addison’s fingerprints are all over the crime scene.
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