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Milverton spotted on another library shelf

My latest cosy murder mystery, Murder on Milverton Square, has once again been spotted out in the wild!

Thanks so much to Leala who sent through this photo from the Levin Public Library (part of Libraries Horowhenua). It always give me such a boost to see my books out there being read!

The word of the week is… murder!

Murder on Milverton Square by G B Ralph at the Levin Public Library
The word “murder” features in three of the titles on display

Have you seen Milverton in the wild?

I spotted it recently at my own local library, and posted about it here. If you’ve spotted Murder on Milverton Square or any of my other books at your local library too, I’d love to see! Please feel free to tag me in any posts you make on the socials:

Ask your local librarian to buy a book

If you’re keen to see any of my books at your local library, most public libraries allow you to submit purchase requests! You can do this by either talking to a librarian next time you’re at your library, or (often) by completing a form on your local library’s website.

If you’re asking librarians to buy a book, they’ll usually ask you for at least the title of the book, the author name, and the ISBN. The ISBN is the long number that is unique to each format of each book (typically found above or below the barcode on physical books). I’ve listed the ISBNs for each format of each of my books on their individual pages on my website.

For example, the key details for my cosy mystery (the one shown in the photo above):

  • Title: Murder on Milverton Square
  • Author: G B Ralph
  • IBSN-13 (paperback): 9781991182906

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