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The latest addition to the Bestseller Experiment Alumni Library

The hosts and guests of the The Bestseller Experiment podcast have been massive inspirations and motivations in getting Murder on Milverton Square book written, edited, formatted, published, etc. And now they’ve got a copy of the paperback in their alumni library!

If you’re thinking about maybe one day writing, give them a listen – don’t wait for your New Year’s resolution! And if you’d like a copy of the book for your own library – digital or physical – you can grab one too:

Social media posts

And if the embedded posts above aren’t showing up properly, I’ve screenshotted them below:

Murder on Milverton Square by G B Ralph featuring in social media posts by The Bestseller Experiment podcast.

Image: a copy of the paperback.

Text from the posts: The latest edition to the Bestseller Experiment Alumni Library is the wonderful Murder on Milverton Square by G B Ralph! So if you love a bit of small town cosy crime then grab a copy now!!

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