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The proof is in the paperback

Last week, while the ebook release for Murder on Milverton Square was finalising behind the scenes, the first round of paperback proofs arrived! Check that out, real wood from real trees turned into my story:

Murder on Milverton Square (A Milverton Mystery) by G B Ralph. Paperback proof held up in front of a laptop.

I ordered these proofs (note the watermark) to check everything looks as it should before making paperbacks available to readers. I’ve had a chance to go through, and was already 95% happy with it. I’ve now made a final few adjustments and ordered another set of proofs, just to be sure! Once I’ve received those (hopefully late next week), and I’m 100% happy I’ve got the best possible product, then I’ll make them available to readers.

So, in summary, I’m hoping they’ll be available to order by the end of November, ready to be gifted to all of your favourite people 🎅 Christmas shopping: sorted!

Can’t wait that long?

Well, have I got something for you: the Kindle ebook is coming out in under 24 hours! You can still pre-order Murder on Milverton Square, and it’ll land in your Kindle library the moment it’s released:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU (NZ)

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