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Hilarious live theatre

We’ve been treated to two fantastic productions this month…

Stage photos of Drop Dead Gorgeous. A Drag Murder Miss-tery! and Timberrr...!

Drop Dead Gorgeous! A Drag Murder Miss-tery

There’s been a murder at the drag queen pageant, and the detective has to solve the crime with the audience’s assistance. Even better, the detective is a special guest local actor who was only given the first line of the script minutes before being thrown on stage and left to solve the crime! Absolute chaos, and so much fun!

Les Femmes are three very busy qweens with all sorts going on all around Aotearoa New Zealand. Find them on Instagram and Facebook to see what they’re up to!


A classic comedy about competitive woodchopping in a small colonial town in 1940s NZ. Three exceptional actors played fourteen different characters between them in this hilarious play with tons of heart.

By Damon Andrews and Matt Chamberlain. Starring Matt Chamberlain, Serena Cotton, and Tyler Wilson-Kokiri.

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