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Works in progress: status update

I first shared an earlier version of this little progress tracker graphic a couple of months ago with my mailing list. I updated it earlier this week for them and thought I’d share here too.

This graphic is pretty dense, but I think it summarises quickly what I’m up to for my three main projects. I’ve unpacked it a bit below.

Works in progress. G B Ralph. Updated: 10 July 2022.
  • The Pirate and the Baker (working title): No progress on this lately, but after receiving beta reader feedback I’m excited to get stuck into making big changes!
  • The Milverton Mysteries Book 1 (title TBC): Currently with a second round of beta readers. I’m determined to make sure this book (cosy mystery set in New Zealand with gay romantic subplot) is a really fun read that hits all the right notes!
  • The Rise and Shine Stories: I released the first free short story, Squat Lifts and Smashed Avocado, a couple of weeks ago, and will be kicking off the second story’s edits this week. You might also notice a publishing schedule for these four free short stories, so jump on my mailing list to get access to all of them as they’re released over the coming months!

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