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Free short story collections

I have a range of short stories publicly available on my website, with a couple I keep exclusive to my wonderful mailing list subscribers. (Psst… you can join for free right here too!) However, I realise some readers might not have a spare few minutes right now, and would like to file these stories away for later consumption…

So, if you’d prefer to read these short stories on your ereader/phone app (Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books, etc), or on your desktop (PDF), you can download these collections below to read at your leisure (e.g. while waiting in a queue, for your train to arrive, for the kettle to boil, or for your new hair colour to set).

They’re flash fiction stories, so each will only take a few minutes max to read!

Each collection includes two publicly available short stories, and one story exclusive to mailing list subscribers. So, when you click through, you’ll be asked for your email address to jump on my free mailing list, then you can download the collections in your preferred format – easy!

Note: StoryOrigin look after these files for me, so you’ll be directed to their website. There are download instructions on the page to help if you’re having trouble.

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