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Agatha Christie graphic novels

Four graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie novels open

These graphic novel adaptations of some of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels were quick reads at under 50 pages each. I recently picked up four from my local library:

  • And Then There Were None, adapted by François Rivière and illustrated by Frank Leclercq.
  • Murder In Mesopotamia, adapted by François Rivière and illustrated by Chandre.
  • The Mystery of the Blue Train, adapted and illustrated by Marc Piskic.
  • The Murder on the Links, adapted by François Rivière and illustrated by Marc Piskic.

Of the four I read, I liked And Then There Were None the most. It’s a story I’m familiar with having read the original novel as well as having enjoyed many other adaptations.

Covers of four graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie novels

I enjoy stories, whether they’re told in prose as a novel, or as an audiobook, graphic novel, film, TV series, play, musical, opera, ballet, over a pint at the pub, around a campfire, or whatever other way you can think of. I’m more interested in the story itself than the medium it’s told by, but I also do think some stories lend themselves better to one form or another.

I’ll admit, consuming these stories as graphic novels was not my favourite. With so many characters and scenes jumping around I found it hard to keep track of who’s who and what’s what, so it was difficult to build up much sense of discovery or excitement. Still, I appreciated and enjoyed the visual experience, and it was interesting to see how they distilled these mysteries into a form that can be consumed so quickly!

I’m currently in the process of writing and editing my own cosy murder mystery, the first book in The Milverton Mysteries series. I’m particularly keen to devour more stories in this huge and wide-ranging genre, see what really clicks, and what I’d rather avoid in my own writing. I’d love to hear if there are any common aspects of mystery stories that you love and/or loathe – drop me a message on social media or via my website’s contact form!

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