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A mention and a tease on the Bestseller Experiment podcast

The Bestseller Experiment podcast logo with Advent Day 9 ribbon.

Guess who got a mention on their favourite writing podcast this week 😎 It may have been (very) brief, but it was also to tease that I’ll be chatting with one the hosts in a future Deep Dive episode… as a guest!

Mark Stay of The Bestseller Experiment podcast approached me recently to ask if I’d be willing to discuss NaNoWriMo (i.e. throwing down 50,000 words of a first draft in the month of November) and the strategies I adopted to get it over the line. We’re recording that chat in about 12 hours, so wish me luck!

Psst… I recently wrote a couple of posts about that very topic here on my blog: NaNoWriMo and writing every day.

Now, I’m not sure yet when they’ll slot it into their release schedule, but I’ll be sure to bang on about it. If you want to check it out, along with all the other amazing content from much more qualified Deep Dive guests, those bonus episodes are available exclusively to their Patreon subscribers. Or, who knows, it may be an absolute disaster and we’ll agree to bury the tapes and never mention it again…

What is The Bestseller Experiment podcast?

The first year of the podcast documented the co-hosts’ attempt (i.e. experiment) to plan, write, edit, publish, and market a bestselling book, all within a year! And while doing it they got guidance from the very best by interviewing bestselling authors, editors, agents, publishers, and a whole bunch of other professionals from the publishing industry. Now, spoiler alert: they went and did it, achieving that bestseller status they’d targeted from the start! You can even buy the book: Back to Reality.

And they didn’t stop there… They went and carried it on, picking the brains of many more amazing people each and every week. They recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, so there is plenty of material to catch up on! It’s so much fun to follow their journey, learning and being inspired alongside them – I cannot recommend this podcast enough.

My little mention follows the main interview in this week’s episode with thriller author Lisa Hall. You can check out the whole interview in Episode 356, with my wee mention at the 55 minute mark. Here’s the tweet he mentions on the podcast:

Screenshotted tweet text:

Almost 24 hours later, and can confirm: still buzzed about winning #NaNoWriMo.

On the other hand, happy to be dialling back to the more humble #200WordsADay target as per the @bestsellerxp's 200 Word Challenge.

532 words so far, with another drafting session planned later.

Again, wish me luck for this Deep Dive interview tomorrow! Anyway, I thought it was fun news, and worthy of featuring on Day 9 of my bookish Advent calendar 🎄🎅

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