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Gay romance, funny oldies, a romcom + a dark fantasy

I’ve hooked up with these authors to help promote each others’ books. Today we’ve got quite the mix in content and level of offering…

If you give any a shot, let me know how you enjoy them! And if you’re keen to catch future book promos / giveaways, be sure to join my mailing list.

Cover image: Beneath the Opal Arc by Lee Colgin

Beneath the Opal Arc
Lee Colgin

Gay paranormal romance packed with adventure, a steamy love story, and danger at every turn.

Novel for sale on Amazon.

Cover image: Sam and Magdalena's Great Escape by Rebecca Markus

Sam and Magdalena’s Great Escape
Rebecca Markus

A pair of bored nonagenarians break out of their retirement home for an adventure.

35 page novelette available for pre-order.

Cover image: Felony Melanie Destroys the Moonshiner's Cabin by Douglas J Ebock and Kris Bock

Felony Melanie Destroys the Moonshiner’s Cabin
Douglas J Eboch and Kris Bock

Romcom short story about a teenage troublemaker, set a decade before the events of the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

Standalone short story (with more to read if this piques your interest).

Cover image: The Guardian Awakes by H Lee Davis

The Guardian Awakes
H Lee Davis

Deioni and Kel are bound together by a magic they don’t fully understand, a past they can’t remember, and a love they can’t explain.

LGBTQ+ dystopian dark fantasy.

Sample chapters to get you started.

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