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What the FAQ?

I’ve had a fair few questions from people who’ve had trouble finding my books, buying my books, being able to read them, or leaving a rating or review. And chances are, for every person who asked there were a bunch who didn’t. So, I’m front-footing it! I’ve pulled together the most common queries, added in a few natural progressions in questioning, and dropped them all on a brand-new frequently asked questions (FAQ) page 🥳

What the FAQ?

And as the list grew (currently sitting at 19 Q&As), I didn’t want readers confronted with a wall of text to wade through and decide it was all too much, so I’ve categorised the questions to help everyone get what they need faster:

  • Keeping up to date
  • Where to start reading
  • Buying books
  • Reading books
  • Rating and reviewing books
  • Issues with a book or the website

Please check out the FAQ page! The part of my being that revels in administrative clarity is rather proud of it. But if you think I’ve missed something important, or just wanted to ask something really obscure, please drop me a message and I’ll do my best to help!

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