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Two queer reads and a big bunch of romances

I’ve hooked up with these authors to help promote each others’ books. Today we’ve got two books and another big bunch for sale. If you give any a shot, let me know how you enjoy them and if you’re keen to hear about more! And if you want to be sure not to miss any in future, jump on my mailing list – you’ll nab some exclusive free short stories too.

Blueberry Bunny Boy
Leona Windwalker

A short and sweet, fantastical gay romance for sale on Amazon.

Amy of the Necromancers
Jimena I. Novaro

A serialised novel with chapters sent weekly to Jimena’s newsletter subscribers.

30+ LGBTQ and diverse romances for sale. Everyone’s shacking up: men, women, cowboys, billionaires, warriors, even some orcs! Check out the big bundle here, they’ve included one of mine in there too.

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