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Love (or lust?) is in the air – free romance reads

My stories have been included in two romantic group giveaways for the month of April! Check them out to see the other authors’ books too.

Group promotions are something new I’m testing out this month, so I’m keen to hear what you think – worthwhile, or not so much? Also, let me know if you find anything interesting! 😘

Spring into Romcoms: A group giveaway with 28 books, prequels and short stories, ranging from funny to cute to racy. With highland cows, cute cats, and beach houses too! And your choice of setting: the office, the vineyard, or by the seaside?

They’ve included a preview of my book, the solo 🏳️‍🌈 tale! Have a peek 😉

Free Romance Reads: Sweet and wholesome? Or shirtless and sexy? Whatever your flavour, there’s 17 books here to try in this group giveaway.

They’ve included my funny little flash fiction collection too (with only a smidge of romance) 😆 Check them out!

P.S. This is what they’ve included of mine: the Duck and Dive preview in the Spring Into Romcoms giveaway, and my Flash Fiction Collection 2020 in the Free Romance Reads giveaway.

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